About Emerald Plumbing

Emerald Plumbing was founded in 1996 by, Liam Cuddy. Liam is originally from Dublin, Ireland. Hence the Emerald Plumbing. Liam served on apprenticeship as a plumbing pipefitter in Ireland starting at 15 years old. He traveled to Australia, Holland and England, finally landing in Orlando in 1990.

The knowledge learned by living in 5 different countries and 3 continents has been passed down over the years as 90% of our staff has been trained in house with an emphasis on quality. We make our own, who only know the Emerald way. We treat our staff exceptionally well with Top Pay, Health Care, 3 Weeks Vacation pay and retirement benefits. We have long time employees who are happy in their jobs which truly reflects on the job they do for our customers. The problem in the trades is for decades people have been trained in by others who were never actually trained in properly themselves. We here at Emerald Plumbing have changed that.

We are a referral business with lifetime customers. Do a good job for someone and they will tell their family and friends. We hope you become a customer.

- Liam Cuddy

All Staff Orlando Plumbing Team