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We at Emerald Plumbing strive to provide the highest levels of quality service. We highly encourage all past and future customers take a few minutes and read through all our company policy and disclosures. We want to ensure that we are as upfront with all customers as possible.

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Estimates/Pricing Changes
Please be advised that at this time, due to shortages in materials and rapid price changes from the Product Manufacturers, that all Estimates/Pricing are subject to change at any time. This is something that is completely out of our control and we are doing everything we can to keep our prices fair.
CPVC Warning!
Approximately 10 years ago, we started to become extremely concerned about CPVC becoming very brittle and had to introduce a policy where we started to shut the water off prior to starting any work in a home or business who had CPVC. Due to the CPVC becoming so brittle with age, we are encountering cases such as simply changing a tub or shower cartridge that once we turn the water back on to the home, we discover a break in the pipe inside the wall. This all but just simply touching the piping while using extreme caution. We have now instructed our services techs to not only verbally warn and explain to our customers but to now how a CPVC waiver signed, stating that Emerald Plumbing is not responsible for product failure in the home. An internet search on brittle CPVC will confirm any of these concerns.
Our Service Area
Emerald Plumbing plumbing primarily services Orange County and Seminole County. If we provide service outside of these areas, additional time will be added to the final cost.
Schedule Service Calls
When a service appointment has been scheduled, You will be contacted 20-30 minutes prior to arriving to your appointment. If we are unable to contact you we will not send out the tech to the property. We must have confirmation that you are home before heading out. *Unfortunately we have experienced several times over the years that after a customer schedules a service call, our techs have arrived on site without receiving confirmation only to find that there is no one there. It is for this reason we must have confirmation.
Scheduled Repipes/Bid Jobs
Once a Repipe or Bid Job has been scheduled with the home owner the permit is immediately pulled. If the home owner cancels their job please understand that will be your responsibly to pay for the permitting fees. These fees range from $75 to $150 depending on type of job and municipality.
Regarding our fees
$180.00 for the 1st hour (1 hour min.), $75.00 for any additional 30 minutes plus the cost of materials or equipment. Due to the many resources involved, please be advised that there is a minimum charge of $180 for an on-site service call, even if we are only there for 5 minutes. We are always very upfront about this price and we would be happy to answer any pricing questions you may have. Additional fees will apply to roof top snakes/pulling toilets for backups. (1 hour roof top price is $350)

Overtime rates: $340.00 for 1st hour (1 hour min.), $150.00 for any additional 30 minutes plus the cost of materials or equipment.

Flat Rates for the following: Water Heaters, Toilet Installs, Roof Top Snake, Slab Leaks.

Please be advised that a 3% to 5% charge is added to credit/debit card payments.
Regarding Repipes
If after a repipe has been completed, you decide in the future to update cabinets in the kitchen or bathrooms and the new cabinets require for the water lines to be moved inside the wall, this work is NOT included in your repipe and will be completed at additional cost of our T&M rates.
Regarding warranty on backups
We are unable to warranty any type of backups as until a camera is run we are unable to tell if there are breaks in your line.

Regarding formica countertops
Due to seeing increasing issues with Formica Countertops, please be aware that while replacing sinks if cracks occur due to condition of age of countertop, Emerald Plumbing is not responsible for repairs.

Regarding customer supplied fixtures
We at Emerald Plumbing will install owner provided fixture such as water heaters, water softness, faucets, toilets, garbage disposals etc. However our warranties only cover the Labor and not the product. We encounter product failure quite often with online and big box store purchases. Since we did not supply the product we are not responsible for the product only the labor and materials we provide.

Example: Customer supplies a toilet for us to install. The toilet does not flush properly through design or manufacturer’s flaw. Customer calls us out and we determine that the toilet (product) is at fault and there is nothing wrong with the install. At this point the customer is responsible for the service charge. If we had supplied the toilet we would be responsible for replacement at no charge to the customer.

If owner provided fixtures are installed, Emerald Plumbing is not responsible for the removal of existing fixtures from premises: Toilets, Water Heaters, Dishwashers, Softeners, etc. If the fixture has been Purchased and installed directly through Emerald Plumbing at this time the fixtures will be hauled away. When fixtures are provided directly by Emerald Plumbing the cost of taking the fixture away has been included in the price.

Regarding CPVC work
If your home is piped in CPVC and any damage occurs while Emerald Plumbing is working at your home, Emerald Plumbing is NOT responsible for any damage including water extraction. We shut the water off to any home or building prior to commencing any work due to CPVC being known for being very brittle and flooding homes.

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