Consumer Disclosure

We at Emerald Plumbing strive to provide the highest levels of quality service.

Emerald Plumbing plumbing primarily services Orange County and Seminole County. If we provide service outside of these areas, additional time will be added to the final cost. 

Regarding customer supplied fixtures:

We at Emerald Plumbing will install owner provided fixture such as water heaters, water softness, faucets, toilets, garbage disposals etc. However our warranties only cover the Labor and not the product.
We encounter product failure quite often with online and big box store purchases. Since we did not supply the product we are not responsible for the product only the labor and materials we provide.

Customer supplies a toilet for us to install. The toilet does not flush properly thru design or manufacturer’s flaw. Customer calls us out and we determine that the toilet (product) is at fault and there is nothing wrong with the install. At this point the customer is responsible for the service charge.

If we had supplied the toilet we would be responsible for replacement at no charge to the customer.