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What every homeowner should be aware of!

We recently were informed and have confirmed through several sources some shocking information regarding the insurance industry and your home insurance.

If you have a leak/flood and make an insurance claim, that claim goes into a data bank shared by all insurance companies. When you go to sell your home the buyer will be required to get insurance.

Now here is the KICKER, the insurance industry will research the property and find that there was a water damage claim made and to what extent. They will depending on the claim deem the home un-insurable, due to possible mold. If it is un-insurable it will be near impossible to sell.

From our stand point and experience leaks on copper tend to create minimal damage unless left unattended, typically the homeowner will not make a claim as the damage will be under the deductible. BUT leaks on CPVC and POLY tend to be a completely different story. There tends to be large amounts of damage and the homeowner will be forced to make a claim to cover all the costs involved.

We encourage our customers to research and be active on preventing these types of issues.

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