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Hot Water Heaters & Heating Systems

We have five real choices when it comes to heating your potable hot water. Emerald Plumbing has a full line of each type of heating system and we can install them all.

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Below are the most popular choices when it comes to heating water

1. Conventional Electric Tank: Consists of 2 elements, 2 thermostats (1 upper and 1 lower). Lower 50% of heater remains heated at all times. When demand for additional hot water is required, the upper element kicks in.
*It is estimated that 30% of your power bill is used to heat water in this manner.


2. Conventional Gas Tank: Natural or propane gas tank type heaters keep the entire tank hot at all times.


3. Tankless (Electrical): We do not recommend these heaters, as we have found them to be very problematic.


gas hot water heater

4. Tankless (Gas): Natural gas or propane unlike antiquated tank type water heaters that heat and reheat the same water 24 hours a day. Tankless water heater technology is more efficient. Only heating water when required. It also allows for continual use never running out.

*We like to use Rinnai Tankless Heaters.
tankless gas hot water heater

5. Hybrid Electric Heat Pump: Hybrid Electric heat-pump water heaters use a heat pump to pull heat and humidity from the surrounding air and put it into the water heater. Ideally installed in the garage. Visit Rheem or call us for more information.

heat pump hot water heater

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