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I have performed Property Management in Central Florida for over 20 years, and being an Engineer I am very particular with regards to the work being performed on the properties I manage. During this time I have specified and reviewed the work of many plumbing contractors. Of all the companies I have used Emerald Plumbing has clearly demonstrated the best cost effective proposals and qualifications when it comes to either plumbing repair or re-piping. Emerald Plumbing has always provided the best schedule and manpower to get the job done efficiently, with minimal water shut-off disruption to your property. After completion they include drywall repair, and the repairs are invisible. All work is very cleanly performed. Their employee’s are professional and informative during the process, not to mention you get the wit and humor of Ireland . I have recommended Emerald Plumbing to many property owners, and would recommend that you include them in all your plumbing repairs and especially your re-piping needs.
Timothy W. Broughton, Property Manager

I want to thank everyone at Emerald Plumbing for the great job they did on a re-plumb of my house.  Your team came in when they were scheduled, got right to work, were neat and diligent and finished the job in 1 day for exactly the price quoted.  I was amazed at how little drywall repair was needed after the fact and the drywallers you sent out after the job were as professional as your plumbers.  Great job all the way around.
Frank Garnetti, Winter Park

I recently had the pleasure of Emerald Plumbing service my home for a leaky sink.  The plumber Hugo was on time, friendly and very extensive on answering questions and had a vast knowledge of the repair and even made friends with our cat.  In my opinion there is only one plumbing company that I would choose to service my home again and that without a doubt is Emerald Plumbing. Thank You For a Pleasurable Experience.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Anderson

Yesterday one of your serviceman, Shawn, installed three new toilets in our home. My husband and I were so impressed by him. He was polite, efficient, business-like manner, and on time. He even cleaned up the areas he serviced.
We certainly will highly recommend Emerald Plumbing to all our family and friends. A real pleasure to do business with you.
Dr.and Mrs. James H. Burkhalter

I had a water leak in the wall behind the refrigerator that sounded very bad but no visible signs of water. I knew I was due for re piping from some previous problems and didn't want to pay to fix a leak and then have another problem later. I received a bid from another company who had re piped my neighbor but they couldn't do it until 4 days later. My brother in law recommended Emerald Plumbing which I called and they sent someone over within a couple of hours. I was given a bid for the re piping which was considerably lower and that they would do the job the next day.  They also recommended that I turn the water off for the night to prevent the leak from getting any worse. They arrived the next morning with a team and had completed the job by that evening. There drywall man was here on Monday to complete the work. They were very professional in there work and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
AL Froehlich ,Winter Springs

I was pretty nervous about having my first house repiped, it had a low pitch roof with little attic access.  I typically do things myself, but I knew that this job was incredibly difficult, plus a lot of it requires two people.  The time I estimated it would take me was 2 weekends 1 holiday and 2 vacation days, with help both weekends.  When I saw the job performed, I knew my estimate was off, because even though they made it look easy, routes I had thought suitable for PEX became impossibilities once investigated.   The job was completed in one miraculous day by Chief, Darren, and last but not least Mattie 3 months ago at the end of 2008.  I will never forget these 3 experts who worked 12 hours, running a clean job through masonry, 4 x 4 beams, and the smallest attic I’ve seen in my life (thanks again Mattie).   Through the toughest situations these guys never lost their cool, but made difficult and logical decisions only many years of experience could accomplish (thanks Chief and Darren).  On top if it all some of the nicest and funniest people I’ve met.  It was a Friday night and instead of taking my offer to complete the job Monday, they stayed till 9 at night getting the job done right.  At the end of the evening they took the time to clean up meticulously go over all the replaced fixture cartridges (something some companies skip replacing as they are expensive and time consuming).  Instead of rushing out the door at the end of the week they stayed till they and my family saw the last night shuttle launch scheduled in 2008.  Plus having an unbeatable warranty means seeing the job done right, I knew that I don’t have to worry about the equipment failing either because Ian set it up completely worry free.  I was shocked how competitive there rates were considering they offered more than the others.  Karen also took care of the paper work and told me the best thank you I could offer is telling everyone my story.  Also so that you know this is sincere, they guys that patched the 11 drywall cuts did a good job with texture, but I think it would require 3 to 5 coats of paint to make the texture as smooth as the walls.  So if you have a older home, ask that they make the texture lighter, because the paint I used didn’t blend the heavy texture as well as I thought it would.  No one notices, and everyone I pointed it out to said they thought it was a great job with the texture, and overall I agree.  Lowes matched the paint no problem, remember to use a razor and cut a thin layer off the top before they come to patch drywall and allow an hour to see if colors really match.   This is by far the easiest and fastest part of the repipe, just use a ½” pile paint roller for heavy texture and you’re set.

Before learning about Emerald Plumbing, I called someone else to handle the problem of low water pressure.  After I paid several hundred dollars, the problem returned.  When the former person tried to tell me that a $700 water filter would fix the problem, I called Emerald Plumbing.  Brian immediately knew what the problem was (which had nothing to do with needing a water filter) and fixed it for a lot less money.  Not knowing a thing about plumbing, I needed a company that I could trust.  Brian and Emerald Plumbing are professional, honest and know how to “diagnose” and fix problems.  No one wants plumbing problems; but, when problems arise, I know there is no better, professional service than Emerald Plumbing. 
Terri Day, Winter Park

The great actor, Spencer Tracy, when praised for his outstanding work as an actor was heard to say.....the work of an actor is not important....the work of a plumber, now that's important !You and your team have done some very important work for me, my family and a number of  my friends and business associates.What I most appreciate is the manner and skill of your staff......they do it right the first time and with a smile.....they all seem to really enjoy their work and like working for Emerald Plumbing.Today we had a water heater problem.....seems there was a bad element in a unit Emerald installed about a year ago.....before I turned around it was fixed.....no charge. Great reliable service with a smile ......what more can a homeowner ask for.
Ian,  much thanks to you and your fine staff.
Dick Appelbaum

Thank you very much for taking care of my leaking hot water heater on short notice yesterday (same day emergency).  You have made plumbing repairs in my home twice now.  Your service people have always been extremely professional, knowledgeable, courteous, timely, and extremely efficient.  I appreciate your great service.
 Thank you,

I want to thank you for a job a job done in connecting my house to water. Mark was wonderful to work with – always professional, ready to explain procedures to me and going above and beyond to make sure the job was done correctly. I also appreciate your allowing me to pay my invoice via my online banking as having my leaving my job site proved to be difficult on Fridays.
Jay Kruger

Thank you for your assistance today when I called for a plumber at Walmart #943 in Casselberry . We appreciate the service you provide our customers.
Joyce, Divisions Inc.

Thank you for being so prompt in coming to repair our island leak. We appreciate the work you did for our neighborhood.
Betty Wagner

Everyone needs a plumber they trust. Were so glad we found Emerald. Now four neighbors are calling on you and we would recommend you to anyone.
Brian Baily has done several jobs for us this past year and he’s great, helpful, and personable. He does excellent work and ties up all the loose ends. Thank you Emerald for making our lives easier.
Jean A. Doremus

Your representative Marc just finished installation a new commode for me. His work, his attitude and his desire to do good work was very impressive! He is a fine young man. Your company also ranks very high with me! I would recommend your services to anyone!
B. Huie

I heard Jim Philips talk about his new solar hot water heater on his talk show on Real Radio. I had been contemplating going solar for environmental reasons. I called Emerald Plumbing who Jim spoke of very highly, and I can see why. Liam arrived on time, gave me a detailed estimate with no hidden charges. I was very impressed and scheduled to do the job. The crew arrived on time, and set about the task. It was a pleasure to watch professional tradesmen at work. The install looks and works great, he pipes in the attic are strapped neatly.  From start to finish the job was a pleasure. I’m looking forward to doing my bit for the planet. I’ve officially gone Emerald Green!

I’ve been a customer of Emerald Plumbing for 12 years now. When I decided to put in a solar hot water system, there was no choice. They gave me an estimate, answered all the questions I had, and completed the job in the same professional timely manner which I have come to expect from them. Once again, to all al Emerald, thanks you very much! It’s great to have a plumbing company you can trust.
Sandy Young  Sanford , FL

As a single mother of three teenagers I had been looking for ways to keep my ever increasing costs down. I heard Jim Philips discuss his solar hot water system on his show “Real Radio’s Philips Phile” I called the show 1st time ever calling a radio station. Jim told me to call Emerald Plumbing, he gave them an A+ Gold Stamp of Approval and he was right. Liam gave me the estimate, explaining everything in detail. The job was completed without any disruption. The city inspector told me that it was a perfect install and Emerald was the best in town. I look forward to saving money and going my part in saving our planet. Thank Emerald, great job!

I Returned home from two weeks in  Ireland yesterday to find my toilet leaking, the garage door kaput, and the garden full of fungus, but nevermind, the memory of Ireland will sustain my good humor.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate my relationship with Emerald Plumbing. You have earned a coveted spot on my speed dial. We had coupons from the voucher system and met a young couple in Lowe's who recommended you highly. So, about three weeks ago, Ed replaced two toilets in our house. He was a pleasure to deal with, as well as, neat and tidy,

I called at 8am this morning and by 10:30 another of your good guys, Sean, installed yet another brand new toilet. His explanation and recommendation to replace rather than repair the existing toilet was appreciated. He, too, was just another terrific person with whom to do business, neat, tidy and above all, really personable.

I just wanted you to know.

Thanks so much for the quality customer service.
Pam Paisley

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for all the hard work you guys did on my house at 206 East Amelia Street . When my wife and I bought the house we were aware of the major repairs and renovations the house needed. Part of that work was plumbing. We got quotes from several plumbing companies and all except for you expressed fear that the job was too large and complicated…Harrell Plumbing wouldn’t even show up to give us a quote! Ian showed up…gave us a competitive quote and was the only one of the group that actually seemed eager for the work. He understood that we were dealing with a very tight timeline and got his guys to work and finished the re-plumb in just under two weeks.  In every step of the process Ian has taken my calls personally and always been very responsive. His guys at the job site have been professional and worked over time several days to get the job done.

I will recommend you guys to everyone I know that needs plumbing work. It was a pleasure doing business with you and once again thank you for all your hard work and patience in answering my questions along the way. If you ever need a reference for a potential customer I would be happy to do so.
Chad Lalonde

We wanted to send a note and let you know what a great job your team did on re-plumbing our home.

Several weeks ago we called because we discovered we had a leak in the house. After having you check, the possibility of it being under the slab seemed likely. After talking to your technician we decided it was easier and more cost efficient to re-plumb then to tear up flooring and the slab only to possibly have it happen again down the line. The technician gave us an estimate on the re-plumbing and after discussing it we decided to move forward with the re-plumbing.

We called the your office and set the appointment. On the day of replumbing we were in a dizzy. I llooked out the window and saw three of your techs get out of the truck. My only thought at seeing the size of them was "Oh Lord, how much damage can they do"! They came to the door and introduced themselves. We asked a few questions which they answered and went straight to work only breaking for a quick lunch. They were courteous, polite and very efficient. Seven (7) hours later our home was re-plumbed with only four holes to be repaired. They quickly cleaned up after themselves and bid us goodbye. Our grandaughter recently studied Ireland (both history & legend) and we agree they may have been leprechauns (although she says they were far to big)!

The next morning the dry wall company sent a man out to repair the drywall. He also was very polite and efficient and did a great job.

Since the replumbing we have found our water is so much clearer, has more pressure, hotter and softer.

I know it sounds unbelievable but if it is possible to enjoy having your home re-plumbed we did. Our sincere thanks for a job well done. We recommend Emerald plumbing to everyone.
Frank Garnetti, Winter Park